The Hunt Memorial Building: Nashua, NH

The Hunt Memorial Library served the City of Nashua for 68 years until the library outgrew it in 1971 and moved to a new building.  When the new public library was constructed in 1971 the Hunt was left to begin a decades long search for a new purpose. For a time the school department occupied a part of the building but much of the time the primary use has been as a concert venue and as a favored location for wedding receptions.  During the last forty years the building has deteriorated due to the natural aging process.

Under Director Hilary Booth, Cram and Ferguson began restoration in 2002 began under the direction of Ethan Anthony in 2002 with replacement of the tower windows and small projects to restore the exterior brickwork and roof as funding could be found.  In 2010 under the leadership of Mayor Donnalea Lozeau the City appropriated funds to invest in the complete restoration of the interior, to add an elevator, make the entire building accessible to wheelchairs, add a new bathroom and new heating and air conditioning.

The Hunt is now available as a convenient leased office space for tenants including public service agencies, start-ups and new businesses and the fully renovated main reading room and kitchen remain a coveted venue for wedding receptions and other events.