Records Mausoleum: Oklahoma City, OK

A successful client wished to provide a place that would endure through the centuries and this memorial funerary chapel is designed to last 500 years.  This means to have the structural strength to survive five hundred years windstorms and to endure the natural movement of the land. This small chapel is constructed of 12” reinforced concrete and faced on the exterior in granite blocks imported from Spain. The roof is constructed of 1/8” lead coated copper sheets protected by 3” think granite tiles. Windows are high impact resistant glass protected with forged bronze grilles. The door is bronze and features custom designed and carved cast bronze panels. The chapel interior features stained glass and a complete marble interior with room for 18 caskets and 8 columbaria.  There are companies that specialize in the construction of granite mausoleums but this funerary chapel is in a league entirely of its own.

In the mausoleum we have introduced more art work including cast bronze doors, stained glass and wrought bronze grilles. All of these products were produced by artists we chose and worked with from the start. In new work we are undertaking now we are selecting and having our clients retain the artists at an early point so that their budget can be included early in the process and will have less likelihood of being eliminated in budget reductions.