The Chapel of St. Gabriel the Archangel at Highland Cemetery: Norwood, MA

Cram and Ferguson Architects worked with the Town of Norwood on the effort to list the Day Memorial Chapel on the National Historic Register. The Day chapel was designed by Cram and Ferguson Architects, LLC predecessor; Cram, Goodhue and Ferguson in 1903 and is considered by architectural historians to be a seminal building for its genre and time. The design features many Cram and Goodhue trademarks including rock face Quincy brown Quincy granites walls with Indiana Limestone trim.

Water infiltration has taken a toll especially on the front facade which is endangered due to displacement. The copper roof is in need of repairs after being severely damaged in a windstorm summer 2012 and water has been entering the building at the ground level causing damage. Listing on the National register opens up opportunities for grants and other assistance in the renovation effort.