All Saints: Petersborough, NH

All Saints' Rector Reverend Lewis Stone asked Cram and Ferguson to assist him in planning the renovation of the church which was to be undertaken directly by th parishioners. Once the correct actions were identified and specified the Parish was able to hire the sub-contractors directly they needed to successfully restore the 1916 building. A second task was to solve the problem presented by the roof drainage all converging on a single point which also was the point where the choir processe to enter the church from the parish house in the winter. The convergence of the drainage there caused immense problems with ice in the cold New Hampshire climate.

The design solution prepared for the parish by Ethan Anthony was a cloister additon that extended the drainage away from the walk allowing access into the church in all weather. The design was successful in attaingin the agreement of the parish and was funded for construction. Obtaining a granite of the proper color and texture and constructing an addition to a National Historic Register listed building were a few of the many challenges of completing this highly successful addition.