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Founded by Ralph Adams Cram and Charles Francis Wentworth in 1889, Cram & Ferguson Architects have been in continuous practice for 126 years. Cram and his third partner, Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue, developed Christian academic and religious architecture to a high art form in America. Their churches and college buildings continue to be celebrated today for their timeless quality and good design.

We continue to utilize the traditional forms and methods pioneered by our founders. The archives of the firm, extending to 100,000 drawings and photographs and including work on some 2000 buildings of all types in 44 states and several foreign countries, provides a knowledge base for the proper design of new work inspired by Classical American, Gothic and Romanesque buildings, many details of which have been lost to modern architecture.

Our President, Ethan Anthony, has continued the firm tradition of careful study and learning from original models. Since 2000, Ethan has made annual research visits to selected historical monuments in Europe to research ancient monuments that date from the Medieval period or even earlier Christianity in Europe. During the last twenty-six years, Ethan has made repeated visits to England, Scotland, France, Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Spain, and Portugal. During these trips he has visited hundreds of churches, monasteries, and Cathedrals to photograph and document their design characteristics, from overall plans to the smallest details of work in stone, iron, and glass.

Design is made more complete by matching cultural origins to current work. Much of that matching comes at the detail level in the execution of crafts and over the last thirty years we have worked to rebuild the Cram and Ferguson network of reliable craft sources throughout the Americas and in Europe. As a result, we have developed relationships with craft workers, including specialists in wrought iron, marble and granite, cast materials, tiles, slate, woodworking, cabinet makers, copper and bronze workers. Many of these craftsmen can be matched to a specific project as needed.

The current work depicted on this web site has been accomplished under the guidance of Principal Architect Ethan Anthony and his team over the past 25 years.


  • 2017 AIACM Merit Award for Design Excellence for St. Kateri, Ridgeway, IL.
  • 2017 AIACM Merit Award for Design Excellence for St. Andrews, Denver, Colorado. 
  • 2017 AIACM Citation Award for Design Excellence for Our Lady of the Valley Monastery, Prairie Du Sac, WI.
  • 2015 AIACM Honor Award for Design Excellence for additions to, and renovation of, St Edward's Chapel, Oklahoma City. 
  • 2009 Architect of the Year award from the Macael Institute in Alicante, Spain. 
  • 2003 Golden Trowel Award for outstanding masonry building of the year for Our Lady of Walsingham Church, Houston, Texas. 
  • 1993 Honor Award from the Institute for Religious Art and Architecture for St. Elizabeth's Memorial Garden, Sudbury, Massachusetts.
  • 1938 and 1949 Boston Society of Architects Harleston Parker Awards for most beautiful building of the year.


We work with our clients to design for long service, organic sustainability and high-quality construction.

Our services include planning, new building design, addition design and preservation, restoration and renovation of historic structures, as well as assisting non-profit and municipal institutions with grant writing for historic preservation.

Please view the short video featured here to learn more about both our history and current work and structure. For those wishing to get in touch with us for any reason, please visit our contact page to send us an email or phone us at our Concord Studio at 978-451-0900.

History of the Firm of Cram and Ferguson Architects llc

The practice of the office was started by Ralph Adams Cram in 1889

In 1890 Mr. Cram became associated with Charles F. Wentworth and later with Bertram G. Goodhue, who became a partner in 1895. Frank W. Ferguson became a partner in 1899.

Mr. Wentworth died in 1899. Mr. Goodhue conducted the New York Office of the firm for some time before his connection was terminated in 1913.

On July 1, 1925 Frank E. Cleveland, Chester Godfrey and Alexander E. Hoyle were admitted to partnership and a new contract was entered into on October 5, 1926. Now four partners.

Mr. Ferguson died October 4, 1926. (Born November 3, 1861, Portsmouth, N.H.).

Mr. Cram died September 22, 1942 and the partnership continued with the three remaining partners. (Born December 16, 1863, Hampton Falls, N.H.).

On January 1, 1944 Chester A. Brown, John T. Doran and William H. Owens were admitted to partnership. The firm now consisted of six equal partners.

Mr. Cleveland died July 30, 1950 and a new partnership was entered into on August 1, 1950 with the five remaining partners. (Born Nov. 11, 1877, Richmond, P.Q., Canada).

Mr. Godfrey died May 5, 1952 and a new partnership was entered into on July 15, 1952 with the remaining four partners – Messrs. Hoyle, Brown, Doran Owens.  (Born April 17, 1878 at Hampton, N.H.)

Mr. Owens retired April 30, 1953, and a new partnership was entered into on May 1, 1953 with the three remaining partners – Messrs. Hoyle, Brown and Doran.

On May 1, 1954 Maurice A. Berry and Oscar H. Cederlund were admitted to partnership. The firm now consisted of five partners.

Mr. Cederlund died April 23, 1956. Partnership dissolved April 30, 1956. New partnership dated May 1, 1956. Partners now: Messrs. Hoyle, Brown, Doran, Berry.

Mr. Brown retired April 30, 1957. Partnership dissolved April 30, 1957. On May 1 1957 a new contract was entered into by Messrs. Hoyl, Doran and Berry.

On January 25, 1957 the new was changed to Hoyle, Doran and Berry.

On April 30, 1961 Mr. Hoyle retired. Partnership dissolved April 30, 1961. On May 2, 1961 the following were admitted to partnership: Nisso T. Aladjem, Frank De Bruyn, Robert W. Hadley, Charles P. Harris. There were now six partners.

Mr. Hadley died January 3, 1964. Interim agreement dated January 20, 1964.

Mr. Harris retired January 3, 1966 and a new contract was entered into on January 31, 1966 with the four remaining partners: Messrs. Doran, Berry, Aladjem, De Bruyn.

On August 1, 1965 Austin J. Cribben Jr. was made a partner and a new contract was entered into on February 1, 1966. Partners: Messrs. Doran, Berry, Aladjem, De Bruyn, Cribben.

Hoyle Doran& Berry Inc, was incorporated September 5, 1968; Major Stockholders: Doran, Berry, Aladjem, De Bruyn

Mr. Hoyle died January 2, 1969

Mr. De Bruyn died November 15, 1972, after retiring July 31, 1972.

Remaining Partners: Doran, Berry, Aladjem, Cribben

Mr. Berry retired November 1, 1974

Mr. Doran died December 14, 1979. Remaining Partners: Aladjem, Cribben

Mr. Brown died June 27, 1980.

Mr. Berry died December 26, 1981. Stockholders as of 1987: Cribben and Aladjem

December 1990 Ethan Anthony Associates merged with Hoyle Doran & Berry Inc. Ethan Anthony joined David J Hulihan as a Majority Stockholder.

December 1998 David J. Hulihan Retired, Ethan Anthony became sole Stockholder of Corporation.

March 31, 2010 Hoyle, Doran & Berry Inc dissolved, Assets acquired by Ethan Anthony

March 31, 2010 Ethan Anthony founds Cram and Ferguson Architects taking up the ongoing work of Hoyle, Doran & Berry Inc.

September 10, 2012 Cram and Ferguson Architects, LLC Incorporated in the State of Massachusetts.

December 16 2013 Cram and Ferguson Architects leads the 150th anniverasy celebration of the birth of Ralph Adams Cram

Mr. Cribben and Mr. Aladjem retired 1987

David Hulihan became a Partner 1987

Ethan Anthony became a Partner 1990

Mr Aladjem Died October 23, 2004

Mr Cribben Died March 30, 2016

January 1, 2019 is the 130th Anniversary Year of continuous practice of Cram and Ferguson Architects, LLC.


Ralph Adams Cram founded firm in                         1889

Cram & Wentworth   -----------------------------     1890

Cram, Wentworth & Goodhue    ---------------      1895

Cram, Goodhue & Ferguson       ----------------      1899

Cram and Ferguson Architects   ----------------     1913

Hoyle, Doran and Berry -------------------------      Jan. 25, 1957

Hoyle, Doran and Berry, Inc.       ---------------       August 26, 1968

Cram and Ferguson Architects LLC            --------   Sep. 10, 2012



C. N. Godfrey                    ----------------------------------       May 1900

A. E. Hoyle                          ----------------------------------       Oct. 1908

C. A. Brown                        ----------------------------------       Oct. 1910

J. T. Doran                           ----------------------------------       Mar. 1927

W. H. Owens                      ----------------------------------       May 1921

M. A. Berry                         ----------------------------------       Jan 1923

O. H. Cederlund                                ----------------------------------       Mar. 1946

N.T. Aladjem                      ----------------------------------       July 1950

Frank E. De Bruyn            ----------------------------------       Sept. 1926

R. W. Hadley                      ----------------------------------       Oct. 1945

C. P. Harris                          ----------------------------------       July 1955

A. J. Cribben                       ----------------------------------       Jan. 1946

David J Hulihan                  ----------------------------------       1967

Ethan Anthony                  ----------------------------------       Dec. 1990


Navneet Anand, President of AIA CM, and jury member Mike Petrovick of AIA NH, present the 2015 Honor Award to Ethan Anthony, Cram and Ferguson Architects, and Nathan Sheldon, Head of the Casady School.  The award was given to honor Design Excellence for Additions and Renovations to St. Edward's Chapel, Oklahoma City.

Ethan Anthony, AIA, receiving the Premio al Architeto from Manuel Sanchez Perez, President of the Marble Association of Andalucia, at the 2009 Macael Awards in Alicante, Spain.

Events in the Life of Ralph Adams Cram

1863      Cram is born in Hampton Falls in December of 1863

1876      Cram reads “Stones of Venice”

1881       Left Hampton Falls for Boston. Apprenticed to Rotch and Tilden

1882      Country cottage designs published in "Builder and Woodworker"

1884      Summer Tour of Europe; England, France Germany and Italy. Quits Rotch and Tilden. Art Critic with Boston Transcript. Saves Copley Square from development.

1885      Nine months in Italy, three months in Sicily with T. Henry Randall Maryland architect (d. 1906).

1886      Quits as art critic to Boston Transcript. Confirmed in Episcopal Church by Father (later Bishop) Brent

1889      Opened office at Number 1 Park Square, with Charles Francis Wentworth (1841-1897)

1890      Second prize competition for addition to the Massachusetts State House. Frank Cleveland (of Hampton NH) enters office as untrained draughtsman. Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue (1869-1924)                      joined office

1891      Participated in Suffolk County Court House Competition. Commission to design All Saints’ Ashmont

1892      Co-founds Boston Society of the Arts and Crafts (Slipek). Publishes "Knight Errant Quarterly"

1895      Goodhue made partner

1897      Travels to England to photograph churches for English Country Churches. Wentworth dies unexpectedly at 54 years of age.

1898      Second prize in competition for addition to the Massachusetts State House. Designs Richmond Court apartments. Tours Japan. Publishes "English Country Churches" folio of photographs

1899      Design for Japanese Diet. Publication of "Church Building"

1900      Married to Elizabeth Read of Richmond, Virginia. Honeymoon trip to England, France, Germany and Italy

1901      Wins competition to design Nashua Public Library, Nashua, New Hampshire. Commission to design Sweet Briar College, Amherst Virginia. Publishes "Black Spirits and White, The Decadent"

1902      Cram summers in England photographing ruined Abbeys, Elizabeth could not go (no money). Publication of "Ruined Abbeys"

1903      Firm Wins West Point Competition 15th Century English Gothic. Cram designs seal for the Chicago Episcopal Diocese

1904      Goodhue opens New York branch office

1905      Goodhue’s son Harry Wright Goodhue born (1905-1932)

1907      Cram appointed architect of Princeton University (1907-1929). Goodhue tours Mexico by train with Sylvester Baxter Boston Journalist photographs Mexican Churriguresque architecture

1908      Russell Sage Memorial First Presbyterian Church

1909      Publishes four editions of magazine Excalibur

1911      Cram appointed Consulting Architect of the Cathedral of St John the Divine, NY. Cornerstone laid at St Thomas’s Church New York City

1913      Christmas Eve Goodhue resigns. Cram speaks at laying of Richmond College cornerstone, Richmond  Virginia. Publishes "American Country Houses of Today". Graduate college at Princeton complete. Began design of Church of the New Jerusalem at Bryn Athyn Pennsylvania. Cram forewords Henry Adams Mont Saint Michel and Chartres

1914      Goodhue leaves firm (Oliver quote of partnership agreement from Cram papers BPL). "Publishes The  Ministry of Art"

1915      Publishes "The Heart of Europe"

1917      Publishes "Nemesis of Mediocrity" and publishes "The Substance of Gothic"

1918      Publishes "The Great Thousand Years"

1919      Publishes "Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh"

1921      Receives honorary Phi Beta Kappa at Harvard University

1922     Publishes "Towards the Great Peace". Winter vacation in Spain is Cram's first awareness of Spanish Gothic architecture

1923      Chester Anderson Brown begins laying out drawings for St George’s School. John Doran begins work on Princeton Chapel

1924      Death of Goodhue

1926      Founds Medieval Academy of America. Cleveland, Godfrey, and Hoyle admitted to Partnership. "Yachting trip to Greece and the Islands revealed the authentic Hellenistic art… but by then it was                  too late.” Virginia War Memorial at Richmond. Featured on the cover of TIME magazine

1927       Ferguson dies and Godfrey replaces him as partner. War Memorials at Fere-en-Tardenois and Belleau Wood

1928      McCormick Federal Post Office, Boston, Massachusetts. Cram speaks at Dedication of Princeton University Chapel

1929      St George’s Chapel completed. Physics Building University of Richmond Virginia. Edits and Forewords "American Church Architecture of Today"

1930     Publishes the "Catholic Church and Art"

1931      East Liberty Presbyterian Church

1932      Dedication of Virginia War Memorial Carillon in Richmond Cram attends. Publishes "The Cathedral of Palma Mallorca"

1935      Publishes "Convictions and Controversies"

1936      Library University of California at Los Angeles; Publishes "My Life in Architecture" and designs campus plan for Boston University

1940      Inducted into American Academy of Arts and Letters

1942      Cram dies after illness of one week

1943      Elizabeth Carrington Read Cram dies

1990      Ethan Anthony joins the firm as Principal.